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Leo Dufresne – Guest Blogger

Writing a book was always a dream of mine. The thought of being able to hit keys on my computer and bring someone to laughter or tears miles and days later still amazes me. I thank God for granting me this pleasure.
In all of my author-fantasies I never imagined the opportunity to share with the world something so dear to me. A couple of weeks ago I met a wonderful woman/author/mother on a writers’ podcast. Jeannie Ewing and I seemed to click right away and when we discovered the extraordinary thing we have in common, I was stunned. God has blessed each of our families with a special child.
I went to her website and all I can say is you’d have to have a heart of stone not to fall in love with her daughter Sarah. I encourage you to save her site to your favorites and visit it when you’re feeling down. Happiness and love just seep from the site.
Jeannie has given me the honor of guest blogging about one of my beautiful granddaughters, Ava. The post aired Monday, April 11th. I chose to share an incident that, at the time, left all the participants shaking our heads – how did she do that? We have since come to accept such things as just Ava being Ava.

Read the post here titled: Special Needs Kids: Superstars of Human Compassion